[UPDATED] Dec. 17th, 2017: Source Disruptions

Our platform features many different sources that allow you to monitor your clients' business listings across the web. With each of these sources, we use various methods to pull in listing and review information. Occasionally, we need to suspend these sources temporarily. Some reasons for a Source Disruption are: 

  • The source has changed the formatting of their website. This may be a design change or a change in the structure of their URLs.
  • We have encountered a number of errors when retrieving the data from this source. In this case, we lock down the source to prevent more errors from pulling in. 

Please see below for a list of sources that are currently suspended. Timelines for when a suspension will be removed will vary. 

We update our Source Disruptions once each morning, so be sure to check back! 

New Listing Search:

We will not find new listings on these sources.

Source Suspended Date
LocalStack Oct. 23
Ziplocal Oct. 19
Vitals Sept. 19
Factual Oct. 12


Existing Listing Update: 

The data we have for the business on these sources may be out of date as we are unable to pull in the updated information. This may also affect our ability to accept manually submitted listings.


Suspended Date


Oct. 19

Vitals Sept. 19
Factual Oct. 12
MakeitLocal Dec.06
Foursquare Dec. 13
Expedia  Dec. 13
Citysquares Dec.13
MyLocalServices Dec. 13
JudysBook Dec. 13
Lavoz Dec. 13
MundoHispanico Dec. 13
AlDia Dec. 13
Truelocal Dec. 13

New Review Search:

We will not pull in new reviews for these sources.

Source Suspended Date


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  • Avatar
    Ray Maudlin

    How will we be informed a suspension has been lifted for a source?

  • Avatar
    Ellen Hunks

    Hi Ray,
    When the disruption of a source is resolved, we will remove it from the above list which is updated daily. We do recommend checking back here for updates.
    You can also email our Technical Support Team at support@vendasta.com if you have questions about a source and we can assist!

  • Avatar
    Julie Gordon

    What about Yelp?

  • Avatar
    Jacqueline Gillespie

    Hi Julie,

    Yelp currently is not a suspended source, however we are seeing an issue with it regarding bringing in the website from listings on Yelp. This is currently being worked on and we anticipate it will be resolved shortly!

    If you have additional questions or concerns regarding this particular issue regarding Yelp, please contact Support at support@vendasta.com

    Kind Regards,

    Jacqueline Gillespie

    Edited by Jacqueline Gillespie
  • Avatar
    Joey Martin

    Any update here? Have we resolved the Google issues, or does Google Maps represent all platforms we monitor that are down (GMB, G+, etc)

  • Avatar
    Nolan Cline

    Hi Joey,

    The source Google Maps is listed under the 'New Review Search' disruption section, which means there was only an issue with bringing in New Google Reviews. Google has all their reviews on Google Maps now. We will remove it from the list of disruptions as soon as we are pulling in Reviews consistently. In this particular case there is an additional message that will also be marked as [FIXED](https://support.vendasta.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002714467-Feb-09-2017-Google-Maps-reviews-not-being-found) We are working hard on getting it going asap! I don't have an ETA at this time.

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