Review Generation - Where do people go to write reviews about this business?

Your clients' patrons are able to leave reviews directly on one of three review sites of your choice or on the My Listing page. You can toggle between these methods via the Gear Icon tab of Reputation Management. The two methods are as follows:

My Preferred Sites

This method is currently only available via the Review Request email on the Generate Reviews tab. When selected, users will be asked if they would recommend the business. If they should choose Yes, they will be brought to a screen where they can choose between the preferred sites that are selected on the Gear Icon tab. Selecting one of these will bring the user to the business's listing on the chosen site. If only one site is selected on the Gear Icon tab, the user will be brought directly to that listing.

Selecting No in the Review Request email will result in the user being brought to My Listing to leave their review as these can be suppressed.

My Listing

Reviews can be written by client's patrons by accessing the review URL. This can be found by navigating to the Reviews tab, then click on the Gear Icon tab.

You can email potential reviewers by sending them the link right from the Generate Reviews tab. You can add single contacts or upload a CSV spreadsheet if you have a large number of people you would like to email. Then select the recipients you would like to email and customize the message. 




View from a mobile device. 

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