I have a multi-location business. Does each location needs its own account?

When you have a business that has multiple locations, it’s ideal to have an account for each brick and mortar location. A common problem for businesses with the same business name is that listing sources combine two different location's business data. Unless each separate location has an account, Reputation Management will be unable to display which listing sources have the correct or incorrect business data.

Having separate accounts will also allow you to utilize the Brand Analytics product. Brand Analytics uses Reputation Management to pull in listings and reviews for each account and then compiles them into a Brand Report. From the Brand Report, you can identify which locations need assistance, as well as which have the most positive or negative reviews.

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    Karina Singer

    What does having an account actually mean? You can have an account without any paid products. So which paid product will customers need for each location to have brand analytics? Reputation or Listings Sync, Listing Dist. or Social Media? Or can they have brand analytics with an account and just the listing builder?

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    Jaret Martens

    Hello Karina,

    You are correct in that you can have accounts without any paid products. An account represents a specific, individual location of a business that can house any combination of these products and is used to allow individual users to access these products.

    For Brand Analytics, accounts must have Reputation Management active in order to be added. This is because the information provided in Brand Analytics operates off of the information found in the Reputation Management product.

    If you have any other questions regarding this, please email support@vendasta.com where our team will be happy to help!

    Jaret Martens

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