Why was my client’s listing rejected?

A business’s information can be rejected for a variety of reasons. You can see the reason the data provider rejected the listing by clicking Show [Data Provider Name] History below the data provider's logo.

Some of the more common reasons for rejection include:

Reason Listing was Rejected Suggested Solution
A third party has already claimed the listing. We will continue to request the claim on this listing until the third party releases it.
The zip code is not formatted properly. Please check the zip code entered into the Business Profile as there is likely an error.
Address is not provided. The data providers have specific NAP data requirements, and will reject the listing if it does not meet this criteria. Please ensure you have entered an address for this business.
Address could not be verified as a valid address

If you are in the US, some providers will check the address provided against the USPS database. You can look yourself here: 


Data providers do not accept 1-800 numbers. Some data providers reject all business listings with a 1-800 number. In order to be listed correctly with all the data providers, we recommend using a local number.


While PO Boxes are accepted by several of the data providers, they are not recommended as customers cannot find your business if you've only provided a mailbox number.

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