Can I get alerts for new support articles?

Following articles or sections

You can follow sections or articles so you're notified when we add a new article or when someone comments on an article. You can also view and modify all your subscriptions in one place.

You must be signed in as an end-user to manage your subscriptions.

To follow a section or article

  1. Navigate to the section or article.
  2. Click the Follow button on the right side.

To manage your subscriptions

  1. Click your profile icon in the top right corner of any page, and then click My activities.


    Note: You must be signed in as an end-user to see the link.

  2. Click Following.


  3. Make any changes to your subscriptions.

In sections, you can subscribe to articles, or to articles and comments.


If you choose the second option, you'll also be notified every time someone comments. This is the default behavior for article subscriptions.

Note: Unfollowing removes the subscription from the page.

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