How do I add a custom header to the Snapshot Reports?

The Snapshot Report incorporates both a header and footer that you can customize via the Partner Center Customization options.Partner_Center__9_.png


The default banner provided looks like this:



To customize your Snapshot Header, you will need to select the 'source code' option, indicated as '<>'

and insert your custom code and images there.Partner_Center__15_.png

The Dynamic 'Fix my score now' button is also available when using a custom banner.

This can be added via the Dynamic Components drop-down menu, seen in the image below:



Additionally, you can customize the sticky footer of the Snapshot Report in the very next step of the customize Snapshot Report options:Partner_Center__11_.png

Remember to use the 'Preview' feature available before saving your changes, to use in-line or scoped css when adding your custom source code and that any images must be externally hosted.

Sample HTML Text:


<div id="call-to-action" style="background-color:#3FAAE0; float:left">
<img src="/static/images/cta-computer.png"/>
<span class="action-text">
<h1 class="action-title">Fix Your Online Reputation</h1>
Nearly 75% of people lose trust in brands with inaccurate business listings and 90% of people look to online
reviews when making purchase decisions. <strong>Make sure you’re not losing real money because of bad listings and reviews.</strong>
<div class="action-footer">
<span class="action-phone">
Call us at
<a href="tel:(306) 955-5512" class="action-phone-number">
(306) 955-5512





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