What are the different levels of access to the platform?

Master Admin:

Master Admins have the same functionality as regular Admins with one notable exception: Master Admins can add, remove, and modify other Admin users, including other Master Admins.


Admin users have high level access. Admins sign into partners.vendasta.com to access Partner Center, which is not available to your customers. Admin functionality provides you access to many functions, such as your own billing with Vendasta, the ability to manage your internal salespeople, customization of your Business Center's branding, and the custom branding of all of your products that you sell through the Vendasta Platform. Please note that Partner Center itself will not reflect your custom branding.

Admins are also able to view all of the accounts, create new accounts, as well as impersonate into Users and Salespeople. To have Permission to Access Concierge you must have an Admin account with the proper permissions. See this article for more details regarding Admin Permissions.

To set up additional Admins, please contact your company's Master Administrator(s). For more information on how to manage other Partner Center admins check out this article.



Salespeople have mid level access. Admins create Salespeople through Partner Center, which are then accessed via your Sales Tool URL (which may be customized to your domain or business name when you sign up with Vendasta). Salespeople can create demo accounts and view the accounts that they have created or have assigned to them. They also have the ability to view and edit Snapshot Reports and add sales records for their accounts.

Salespeople can't view accounts assigned to another salesperson.



Users have low level access. Typically, you would give your clients this type of access. Users log in through your Business Center URL (which may be customized to your domain or business name when you sign up with Vendasta). You can dictate which accounts they have permission to access by clicking on the key icon for that user within the Users tab of Partner Center. Your clients can then access their active products, manage their accounts, and view their reports.


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