How do I launch a campaign for multiple accounts at once?

Launching a Campaign for Accounts in Partner Center

You can launch a campaign for accounts that currently exist in Partner Center by first adding those accounts to a list, then adding that list to a campaign.

You can pause an active campaign or start a pending campaign for individual Contacts via Sales & Success Center by navigating to Manage Accounts >  Account Name > Contact.


Launching a Campaign for Accounts not yet in Partner Center

To upload numerous accounts at once, you’ll need to complete a spreadsheet with your customer list (keep in mind that these must be comprised of previous clients). From BusinessesAccountsLists, select Import List. Next you will be able to download a template to enter in your customer list. Once complete, upload the CSV file and choose to add it to an existing list, or create a new one. Once your customer list has been uploaded you can take action on your list and add it to a new Campaign. 

  1. On the list you would like to add to a campaign, select the kebab and choose Add to Campaign.
  2. Select the Campaign you would like to send to this list. You can click Schedule Campaign to have the campaign go out at a later date and time.
  3. Once the email is sent out, keep an eye on your Hot Accounts and be sure to contact the clients that are showing interest in the products.


For more information on launching a campaign for multiple accounts at once, please check out our overview video:


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