Why is the address incorrect after having Listing Distribution activated for a while?

Once Listing Distribution is activated, we distribute your NAP data to the four major data providers -- Neustar (Localeze), Factual, Acxiom and Infogroup. Those providers then confirm the information with the USPS. If there are discrepancies, the USPS will change the listing to match their format. As a result, the data that is changed will be highlighted in yellow. For example, the USPS updated ‘Av’ to ‘Ave’ in the account below.

The changes that the USPS made will not be reverted back to the NAP data entered in Listing Builder. This means that listings in Reputation Management may differ slightly if the NAP data entered doesn’t match what USPS has. Nonetheless, we suggest that your client updates their NAP data to match the information that USPS uses.

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