What are some best practices I should follow for my own Digital Agency?

There are different approaches to the Digital Agency process. However, all approaches follow these original steps:

  1. The salesperson makes a sales pitch to a potential client. They might use the Sales Tool to create a demo account.
  2. The salesperson signs the new client.
  3. The client must now fill out the Business Profile Questionnaire (BPQ). The salesperson may do it in person with a printed copy, online with a laptop, or he may email the online survey to the client and have them fill it out on their own accord.
  4. Now that the BPQ has been answered, the Digital Agency team steps in
  5. The Digital Agency team creates the Reputation Management account using the information gathered from the Questionnaire. If the salesperson used the Sales Tool to create a Demo account, the Demo account must be Converted to a Pay account and edited using the information gathered from the Questionnaire.
  6. Now that the client is signed, and their account has been created in Reputation Management, the Digital Agency team can add the account to Concierge.
  7. It’s good practice to follow up with the client, introduce yourself and explain the work you will be doing. Also bring up any concerns that may have came up from the BPQ. This should be done via phone call, but can also be done via email. Depending on the BPQ and what you have agreed upon, this is also a good time to bring up any questions you have about content for the Social Marketing posts and the Listing Builder My Listing (if provided).
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    Robert Diaz

    Hi guys, do you have a client agreement we can use for the 3 products? or at least some terms and conditions for the 3 (listings, reviews,social). Thanks

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