Why should I do an Onboarding Call?

The Onboarding Call helps ensure a new Concierge account will run smoothly and effectively. In the Onboarding Task, you can select a default assignee for the account and store any credentials for visibility sources the client may have already claimed.

A digital analyst can also securely store any acquired credentials for any visibility or review sources. The credentials will appear in the corresponding source’s task. The Credentials page may be revisited by visiting the account’s page and clicking on Listing Sources.

Use the checklist in the Onboarding Task as a checklist to ensure you properly optimize the Reputation Management account so that it will grab relevant Mentions, Reviews and Visibility tasks.

The objective of the follow up call is to go over four things:

  1. Reiterate the solution to help set expectations.
  2. Discuss the different types of reports they'll be receiving.
  3. Verify and validate the data the Digital Agent has for their business (through the Business Profile Questionnaire and Reputation Management)
  4. And finally discuss their brand and the social content the Digital Agent be generating on their behalf.

Now the Digital Agent can confirm their data to make sure that they'll be using the correct data when correcting or creating visibility listings. They have a better understanding of the brand to help deal with mentions and reviews, and they know exactly how to represent the company online when generating content on their behalf.

The Onboarding Call is the first task created for every new Concierge account and will also ‘Activate’ the account once completed.

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