How do I fill in the Import List spreadsheet?

At a very minimum, please fill in the required columns: CompanyName, WorkNumber, Zip. Once finished, select Proceed to Upload to begin importing your list. 

Below, we’ve provided some tips to ensure that your List Import will be as effective as possible.


  • Capitalize appropriately. Make sure the business name reflects the same capitalization as it does in real life.
  • The business name should be represented exactly as it is in the real world. Do not include any additional information about the business, such as its specialty or store code.

Other Notes:

  • Just leave optional fields empty - do not enter in “n/a”. We will try to find the missing data, however, we will not overwrite any data that has been entered into the spreadsheet.
  • You cannot provide an email address for a salesperson that does not exist in the system yet.
    • If you are unsure how to create salespeople, please see here.

If you would like to use this list to send email campaigns, we suggest filling in the User First, last, and email fields, as well as enter the appropriate salesperson.


  • Must be a legitimate email address format (no spaces or apostrophes).
  • Don't use email addresses that likely go to a list of people - example: info@ sales@. This affects true open rates and will likely increase the number of unsubscribes.
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