When am I billed for Listing Distribution?

Once you click the Activate button, you will be charged on that month's billing cycle. The fee covers the full year.

When your platform was set up, Listing Distribution would have been set up one of two ways:

  1. Admins must activate Listing Distribution: This will prompt your client to contact you when they want to activate. The client would contact you and then you would turn Listing Distribution on for them within Partner Central. This is the most common way our partners are set up. In this case, you are charged on that month’s cycle. The fee covers the full year.
  2. Clients can activate Listing Distribution themselves. There are two billing options for this:
    1. We can charge your clients by credit card. You would decide the amount you would like to charge -- Just let us know your preferred retail price. This will be charged to their credit card when they click Activate. In this case, once we receive the funds from your client, we will deduct the wholesale price and credit you the remaining funds on your next invoice.
    2. Your clients can activate Listing Distribution by clicking Activate. They will not be asked to pay up front. We would then charge you on your next invoice and you would be in charge of collecting payments from your client.
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  • Avatar
    Tony Shannon

    How can you change this after initial setup?

  • Avatar
    Nolan Cline

    Hi Tony,

    Send an email to support@vendasta.com, or use the Help Center request form, and let us know how you would like it changed. This is something that needs to be configured on our end.

    Nolan C

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