Why can I make demo accounts only for Reputation Management?


Each time you or your salesperson clicks "Create Prospect" and chooses to generate a Snapshot report, they will also create a demo Reputation Management product. This product has the sole purpose of gathering and providing most of the information you see in the Snapshot. Our system is essentially turning on Reputation Management for the account for seven days, and then populating the Snapshot with information.

However, many of our partners have found that allowing their salespeople to access this demo Reputation Management product, they are then able to increase their chances of closing new business by providing a live demonstration of the products.

Since we're already collecting information using the demo Reputation Management product, your salespeople are able to perform this demonstration. Demonstrating other Vendasta products with custom data, such as Social Marketing, would require access to private information of a prospect (say, Facebook or Twitter login details), which you are unlikely to have; or it would add little value beyond what our unbranded sales collateral already provides.

For more information on how to provide an effective demo of Reputation Management, please see our video below:


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