How do I customize my branding and settings?


  1. Log in to Partner Center at
  2. Click Customize in the left-hand column under Administration.

  3. This will take you to the following page:
  4. To change your dashboard color, click Color
    • Under Set Primary Color, you can set your primary color in two ways:
      • Enter the hex code value representing one of your corporate colors (excluding the “#”). Ex. If the HTML code is #bdd397, enter bdd397
      • Once you click in the rectangle, a color picker will open up. Here you can choose the color closest to your brand or enter the RGB combination of the color.
    • Click Save
  5. To upload a logo, click Logo
    • Click Select File to upload your logo. Ensure your file is the recommended size for best results.
    • Click Upload when the button appears
  6. To upload a favicon, click Favicon.
    A favicon is the icon that appears in the tab bar of your browser when you visit a website.
    • Choose the image you want to use, ensuring it follows the correct size dimensions.
    • Click Upload when the button appears.
  7. Shortcut Icons are the icons that will appear on mobile phones and devices when saved to the user's home screen. Currently, these icons extend to My Listing, Social Marketing, and Listing Builder, and will only display on Apple devices. To upload a Shortcut Icon:
    • Click Select File.
    • Browse your computer for the file.
    • Click Upload once it appears.
  8. Select Product Names if you would like to change the name of one of the products.
    • Once finished click Apply Changes.
  9. With the Product Catalog, you can showcase your entire line of products to clients and prospects directly from the Business Center!
    • Click Add Product/Service to begin adding your own products to the platform. Fill in all of the fields.
    • Enter the Product Name and select the Product Category.
    • Enter a Sign-In URL if your product has a login screen or if you have another site with additional information.
    • The Wholesale Price is not shared with clients. This will be used for future reporting functionality.
    • The Sell Price is displayed to clients. If you leave this blank, the Product Catalog will prompt the client to contact you for pricing.
    • The Service Model is not shared with clients. This will be used for future reporting functionality.
    • You can choose whether or not to display the product in the Business Center. If you’re waiting to launch the product, leave it off. However, in most cases, you should keep it checked on.
    • The Product/Service Icon is the image that will be used in the Business Center location dashboard as well as the product details screen. Make sure you are uploading a square image around 130 by 130 pixels. If you do not upload an image, Business Center instead displays a green circle with two letters.
    • You can add up to three different Screenshots of the product, up to a maximum size of 800kb each.
    • You can also add up to three different PDF Files, up to a maximum size of 20MB each.
    • Enter up to three Key Selling Points, up to a maximum of 120 characters each.
    • Enter a Description of the product, up to a maximum of 200 words. This description will be used in the Business Center location dashboard as well as the product details screen.
    • Click Create.
  10. Click Exit Link to alter the names of the exit link within each product.
    • Once finished, click Apply Changes
    • NOTE: do not change the url link to a custom link unless you are an SSO partner
  11. General Product Settings:
    Listing Builder
    • Show Overview Tab in Listing Builder - Allows users to see the Overview tab. Turning this off will hide this tab.
    • Show My Listing Tab in Listing Builder - Allows you to turn off the My Listing tab in Listing Builder. We recommend that you leave this on, so users can edit their listing
    Brand Analytics
    • Allow multi-location posting
    • Determine if you need to get approval for Multi-Location Social posts or not.
    • Allow CSV download of reviews in Brand Analytics - This setting allows users to export reviews in a CSV
    • Allow user editing of profile information - This setting determines if your clients can edit their Business Profile information. If turned on, all fields in the Business Profile will be editable. If turned off, all fields will become read-only.
    • Allow sending of notifications - Allows Business Center users to control their own email notification settings. Disabling this control will also prevent future email notifications from being delivered.
    • Display sidebar navigation - This feature allows Business Center Users to navigate between products (Reputation Management, Listing Builder, and Social Marketing) without returning to Business Center. It will only appear if the account has multiple paid products.
    • Enable Review Generation - The setting determines your clients' ability to use the Review Generation features in the system. If turned on, the Generate Reviews tab in Reputation Management and the Reviews tab in My Listing will be visible. If turned off, those tabs will not appear.
    • Enroll in Beta Program - Turning this on will allow us to push new features to your platform first, before they are available to all our partners. 
  12. Listing Sources:
    • Customize what listing sources are available to display in the Listings tab of Reputation Management.
  13. Sales:
    • Send Welcome Email - Automatically send a Welcome to Business Center email 24 hours after sending a Snapshot Report email. This gives the prospect permission to access the account.
    • Allow Users to Claim Business Center - Allow the recipient of a Snapshot Report email to access Business Center by clicking a Call-to-Action (CTA) link in the Snapshot Report.
    Snapshot Report - Header Options
    • Snapshot Report Call to Action - Choose to display the default header or customize your own with HTML.
    Snapshot Report - SEM Options (only available on Beta)
    • Turning on the SEM Pay Per Click or Remarketing options will display these sections in the Snapshot Reports if your platform is signed up for the Beta program.
  14. Email Settings:
    • The Sender Name and Sender Email allow you to specify the information that appears on the emails sent out through the platform (such as Business Center welcome emails).
    • The Executive Reports section allows you to toggle whether Executive Reports are enabled for your accounts. You can also specify the default setting that will appear in Reputation Management.
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