Competition - What is Share of Voice?

What is Share of Voice?

Share of Voice measures how often a business location is associated with a desirable phrase - e.g. “Hotel in Las Vegas” or “Casino in Las Vegas”, then compares that volume to your competitors. Under the edit services and competitors section of the Competition tab, you are able to edit the phrases for which to determine the online Share of Voice, as well as choose which competitor to monitor.

How do I configure Share of Voice?

Share of voice is a powerful tool that allows your clients to compare how their business is performing against others in the same region, but it is important to ensure that this is correctly configured to ensure that the information returned is valid.

To begin configuring this, log in to Reputation Management and open the Competition sub-tab.


The first thing you'll want to do is expand the edit services and competitors section in the top-right. This is where you will configure the majority of your share of voice settings.

For example purposes, we'll use the business Gianmarco's Restaurant, located in Birmingham, Alabama. The first thing we'll want to ensure is that the Business field is populated with the most common name the business is referred to. Share of voice is based on the exact phrasing provided in this section.

While Gianmarco's Restaurant may be the full business name, most people won't refer to the business by its full title. More often, the business would just be referred to as Gianmarco's. By shortening this field to just contain the most common version of the business's name, the results will more accurately represent how often the business appears when specific keywords are searched.

Please be aware that changing the name in the edit services and competitors screen does not affect how the business appears in other portions of the platform.


Once you've settled on the most common business name, ensure the city and state are correct. Provided the information entered was correct when the account was initially added, these fields will likely already be correct.

The next step in configuring share of voice is to choose your Service Categories. Share of voice is calculated based on these categories. Choose up to three categories that are applicable to the business. These can range from services and products offered by the business, to specific keywords that are related to the customer's experience. Since our example is an Italian restaurant, the keywords in the following example are based on that.


The final step in configuring share of voice is to determine your competitors. We recommend choosing businesses that sell similar products/services to those provided by your client. Up to three competitors can be added. Similar to the name provided for your client's business, competitors should be based on the shortest name that is still specific to that business to ensure the most accurate results are pulled in.


How often does my Share Of Voice get calculated?

The Share of Voice is calculated at least once monthly, or it will search immediately if the search criteria is changed.

How do I edit Share of Voice?

By default, your Share of Voice creates searches using the information you provided when you set up the account. You can adjust this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Competition tab
  2. Click Edit Services and Competitors to reveal the settingsdownload__1_.png
  3. Under Services, enter up to three services your customer offers and wants to be associated with
  4. Under Competitors, you can manage  competitor names (up to three) — for best results, remember to use names that you think people commonly use to refer to your competitors, not necessarily the official names of those businesses (e.g. ‘Pattys Bar and Grill’ might be commonly referred to as ‘Pattys’)

Why is the chart showing 0% Share Of Voice?

Please take a look at how your Share of Voice has been set up. You may want to try these tips to get better results:

  1. Perhaps the search terms you have entered are too general. If you own a pizzeria in New York, you might have a 0% Share Of Voice for "Restaurant + New York" but a significantly higher share for "Pizza + New York."
  2. Check if the company name you have entered is too specific. If you enter your business name as "Andrea's New York Style Pizzeria", Share of Voice will search for results where those exact words appear. You might have more luck searching for "Andrea's Pizzeria" or just "Andrea's."

Try experimenting with the above options until you find a combination that returns useful results. 

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