Marketing Video: Jerry the Small Business Owner


An updated version of this video has been created, here!


You can also download the video here.

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    John Mogannam
    This video isn't unbranded. it also show white label in the bottom.
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    Nolan Cline
    Thanks for leaving a comment John! Could you expand on what you mean by white label in the bottom? I am reviewing this and don't see anything that isn't generic. In the Vimeo video above you see the Vendasta Logo when you hover over the video as that is hosted on our account, however once you download the video, there should be no Vendasta or branding otherwise.
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    Darcy Moen
    at 0:22 the voice over says: 'and you can offer him one'. That doesn't make sense....if we are going to use the video as a promo for service, shouldn't the line be: 'and we offer you one' or something more in line with the partner firm is offering said solution/services?
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    Nolan Cline
    Thanks for pointing that out Darcy! I agree, that line doesn't quite match up with the rest of the video, and could cause confusion to the target audience. We are reviewing this with our marketing team now!
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    Tony Roland

    Nolan, I would like to use this video if it was redone for prospective clients ( change "and you can offer him one").

  • Avatar
    Jacqueline Gillespie

    Hi Tony, Once we update the video, we will let all those who have commented on it know!

  • Avatar
    Bennett Coughlan

    let me know :P

  • Avatar
    Pervaiz Karim

    Jacqueline -

    If you could notify me also when the video is corrected, I'd appreciate it!

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    Louis Ramirez

    I have to agree with the group. As I am researching the white label marketing materials... I find the same opportunities with this video.
    Please include me in your future edited / release. thank you.

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    Nolan Cline

    Hi Louis, thanks for your inquiry, we are working on some new series of videos, and will be most likely replacing this rather than editing it. In the meantime, we have moved this video from Vimeo to Wistia, and it thus has better whitelabel embed options.

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    Adam LaFaber

    Would love to use this video but still says "your". Is the script available in PDF like has been made available for some of the other resources? I would happily do my own voiceover!

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    Vendasta Marketing

    Hello everyone,

    You spoke and we listened—we've created a truly unbranded video that you can use to promote your reputation management services to local businesses! Check it out:

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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