Reputation Sales Presentation




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    Jason Cavanzo (Partner Account)

    This could use a script to go with it... I like how cool it looks though !

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    Glenn Wasserman

    I don't know when this deck was created but the numbers are way off.

    TripAdvisor has 390 million unique visitors per month, not 30 million as listed on the 8th slide.

    Twitter has about 500 million tweets per day ... not 58 million as on slide 8

    Facebook has 1.79 Billion Users, not 1.1 Billion as listed.

    This is actually an interesting presentation with a comical, entertaining approach but it needs to be updated. I would have loved to use this in a talk in March to over 2,000 realtors but since the slides were created as images, it is way too hard to update the stats. It is a shame as it would have been entertaining.

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    Adam LaFaber

    This could be a great deck if updated and a script added. Not sure how some of the items are relevant. Would love to hear the script they had in mind with this.

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    eFriend Marketing

    Was uploaded about 4 years ago. Am in the midst of recreating a current version for a presentation to a business group locally next week. I like the fun appearance too, but thoughts on the language used? Doesn't bother me, just wonder about audience members?

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    Matt Ingrouille

    Love the content you guys provide. However, if you made all of the content editable it would be a life saver!!!

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