A short brochure that explains the benefits of offering Concierge to SMBs.

Concierge helps you grow revenue by offering clients Do It For Me presence management and social marketing services.

Local business owners are starved for time.

On top of working 50+ hours per week, 43% of small business owners spend over 6 hours promoting themselves on social media. That’s over 300 hours a year! Give them back their time with Vendasta’s full-service Concierge solution.

Concierge turns your support staff into efficient digital analysts capable of managing online reputations at a premium price point.

The best way to boost renewal rates is by proving your ongoing value. Offer a Digital Agency Management solution that delivers automatic monthly reports so businesses know exactly what you’re accomplishing.

Salespeople love it because it helps with renewals

Nothing helps with customer retention more than regular touchpoints that communicate the value you’re providing.

• Automatically email every customer a proof of performance report each month

• Deliver easy-to-understand stats that show which tasks have been completed

• Provide total transparency between local business owners and digital analysts

Managers love it because it’s efficient

Concierge is so efficient that our partners have experienced as high as a 350:1 business to analyst ratio (meaning one analyst can manage up to 350 small businesses by herself).

• Customizable due dates focus on task efficiency

• Trackable task histories ensure all analysts are in the loop at all times

• Integration with Social Marketing means you make posts in-app

Digital Agents love it because it’s easy

Analysts show up at work and start their pre-assigned task list. It’s that simple. Our system automatically creates tasks for every to-do item in Reputation Management and Social Marketing, which means nothing slips through the cracks. Digital analysts can then:

• Draft content and make notes in-app

• Maintain small businesses social channels with relevant posts

• Preview, schedule and give business owners the option to approve posts


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