How do I create a Snapshot Report for a prospect?


You can create a demo Reputation Management account via both Sales & Success Center and Partner Center.

Sales Center


The Sales Tab in Partner Center:

You can either generate a Snapshot Report for an existing account with no demo Reputation Management product, or create a prospect from scratch.


  • Generate a Snapshot Report by clicking on the icon of an empty sheet of paper with the plus sign - This is also available from the Businesses > Accounts tab

Creating a new Prospect:

With either of these prospect creation methods, it will create the Snapshot Report and freemium Listing Builder login. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Create Prospect.
  2. Search for a business using any of their details—business name, phone number, address or zip code. Or, you can enter keywords to discover new leads.
    • If the business was not found, hit Skip to Account Creation to manually fill in the form.
    • If the business was found, select it. Once you select the business, the create form will automatically populate with all of the business’ information we could find.
    • In either case, you will want to ensure that you do not enter the business name in all-caps. This blunder has proven to drop open rates by an average of 16.8% and conversion rates by an average of 2.47%.
  3. From the top of the Create Accounts screen you will be able to select whether or not you want a Snapshot Report to be created for this prospect. You may also choose which campaign you would like to add the account to. If you are new to the Vendasta platform, we strongly suggest choosing No Campaign, instead utilizing this feature once you have more familiarity with the platform. 
  4. Next, enter additional details to optimize the Snapshot Report and prepare the prospect’s products ahead of time. You’ll find that almost all fields are similar to those in the Partner Central account creation, but these will also be relevant to the Snapshot Report. It is very important that you fill in as many fields as possible to ensure an accurate and comprehensive Snapshot Report.
    • Common Business Names: Enter other names for the business that should be considered during listing analysis, such as legal or informal names. Keep in mind that these additional names will help us find listings and identify which should be considered accurate. Use this option with caution to ensure the best SEO.
    • The website that you enter will be analyzed in the Website section of the Snapshot Report. It will also be searched to grab the business' Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google+ profiles.
    • Business Categories: Select the company's vertical to set relevant sources and statistics. This will affect all four major sections of the Snapshot Report
    • Hour of Operation: Enter the company’s hours of operation to appear on their listing and sync to authenticated social sites with Listing Sync.
    • Share of Voice Keywords: Enter products, services or other keywords to compare the business' search engine share of voice to their competition. These are keywords that the business wants to be known for.
    • Competitor Names: Enter competitor names to benchmark the search engine prominence of those competitors against the business. The Share of Voice Keywords with be analyzed for each of these competitors.
    • Social Account Links: Enter social sites to be displayed on their listing. These will also be analyzed in the Social section of the Report.
    • The Prospect’s contact info will be stored in Sales Tool and used as the recipient for Snapshot Report emails.
  5. Once you’re done. Hit Create.
  6. Review the business’ details, and then either click Done or Edit.
  7. Wait 15 minutes for data to generate before accessing the account. We suggest that you wait up to 24 hours and then review the report before sending it.
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