How do I create a new account?

To create active, paying accounts, follow the below steps. If you’d like to create a demo account, please see these instructions.

  1. From Businesses > Accounts, hit Create Account.
  2. Search for a business using their details—business name, address or zip code.










  • If the business was not found, hit Skip to Account Creation to manually fill in the form.
  • If the business was found, select it. Once you select the business, the create form will automatically populate with all of the business’ information we could find.

3. Now, select the products you want to activate.

  • Any custom products you’ve added to the Product Catalog will appear here.
  • The freemium Listing Builder product will always be included. This allows your client to explore the Business Center platform. They can build listings, view the status of their listings on the four major data providers with Listing Distribution, and instantaneously sync common data to their online listings with Listing Sync.

4. Next, enter details that will help optimize all of their products.

  • Common Business Names: Enter other names for the business that should be considered during listing analysis, such as legal or informal names. Keep in mind that these additional names will help us identify which listings should be considered accurate, so use it with caution to ensure the best SEO.
  • Toll-Free Number: Enter the toll-free number of the business. This is useful for certain data providers, specifically with Listing Distribution.
  • Business Categories: Select the company's vertical to set relevant sources and statistics.
  • Hours of Operation: Enter the company’s hours of operation to appear on their listing and sync to authenticated social sites with Listing Sync.
  • Payment Methods: Log the different ways that visitors can pay. When this field is selected, it will provide a list of available options.
  • Share of Voice Keywords: Enter products, services or other keywords to compare the business' search engine share of voice to their competition. These are keywords that the business wants to be known for.
  • Competitor Names: Enter competitor names to benchmark the search engine prominence of those competitors against the business. The Share of Voice Keywords with be analyzed for each of these competitors.
  • Description: The description of the business.
  • Short Description: A short description for the business.
  • Social Account Links: Enter social sites to be displayed on their listing.
  • Customer Identifier: Enter an internal identifier to be used in billing spreadsheets and account searches.
  • Markets: Select an existing market.
  • Salesperson: Select the salesperson that you’d like to assign to account to so they can follow up with the client and monitor their interest in inactive products.
  • Admin Notes: These notes are not client-facing.

5. Click Create.

6. Review the information to ensure everything is accurate.

7. Navigate wherever you want. Click:

  • Done to head back to the Accounts tab.
  • Edit to change the account’s details.
  • Add User to go to the Users tab.

8. Wait 15 minutes for data to generate before accessing the account. We suggest waiting up to 24 hours for optimal results.

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