How do I add RSS feeds to the Content tab?

In order to add RSS feeds, select Manage Content Searches under the Content tab. From here, users can add their own RSS feeds or add feeds from the RSS Library.

Add RSS Feed

You can add your own RSS feed in the Content tab. Scroll to the bottom and then click Add RSS Feed.

Enter the RSS feed’s URL, click away from the box for the name to automatically generate, and then select Save.


RSS Library

To add feeds from the RSS Library, select the RSS Library button.

From the Category drop-down menu, select the industry that you’d like to find RSS feeds about.  

A list will display allowing you to select which RSS feeds you would like to pull content in for.

Once you have added an RSS feed, go back to the Content tab to display the article feed.

To re-post an article from the RSS feed to one your social channels, click Republish beside the article you’d like to post. This will direct you to the Compose tab with the link to the article pre-populated. You can then add a custom message for the post, select which social channels you’d like to publish to, schedule the post, and also view a preview.  

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