How do I create a Brand Report?

  1. Create a Reputation Management account for each location you wish to include in Brand Analytics — the ones for which an account does not already exist.
  2. Go to the Brand Analytics tab in Partner Center.
  3. Click Add Brand to open the creation form.
  4. Enter the Brand Name.
  5. Select a Market (if enabled for your white label). This will apply that Market’s custom branding to the report.
  6. Choose the appropriate Business Category. This will ensure that all listing sources in the report are relevant to the brand. You can also alter the listing sites if they differ from the defaults by checking the source on or off.
  7. Choose the Country. This will select the applicable listing sites for that country.
  8. Click Submit. A new entry will be created in the sidebar on the left.
  9. Click on the entry to reveal the option to Add Region or Location within the Brand. Regions are completely arbitrary and can be defined as per your requirements. (Ex. you could define them as "East," "West," etc. or if you have sub-brands under an umbrella brand, you could define each region to represent a sub-brand.)
  10. If you don't wish to add any regions, you can choose locations under the brand. Otherwise, if you have created all the regions you want, you can add locations to each region or continue adding more sub-regions as per your business requirements.
  11. To add a location, search for the name of the Reputation Management account in the search bar, and then click on the blue "+" sign under Add for that location.

Once you have added all your locations, Brand Analytics will start gathering Reputation Management information for the entire brand. It will take about 5 minutes for the report to generate.

You can also create a brand report via a list as detailed here.

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