SMART Keyword Suggestions

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What is this? 

With Local SEO Pro, you can track SEO ranking on up to 15 keywords of your choosing in Google organic search and Google Maps, but choosing the right keywords to track can be challenging. Suggested keywords will help you track the terms that matter most to help your clients stand out in local searches and gain an edge over competitors.

How does it work? 

We use a business website to find seed keywords to explore relevant alternatives. We then consider both competitiveness and search volume to show which additional keywords a business could explore to get found in local search results. They can be found by navigating to Local SEO > Keyword Tracking > Add Keyword.


Why do we require a website in order to be able to provide suggestions?

We require a business's website to provide precise keyword suggestions for the following reasons:

  1. Data Accuracy: It analyzes real-world search behavior tied to a specific website, ensuring relevance.

  2. User Intent: Examining the website helps understand what users seek, aligning suggestions with intent. This allows it to suggest keywords that align precisely with what users are seeking, increasing the likelihood of attracting the right audience.

  3. Search Expertise: The specialized algorithms ensure accurate keyword suggestions, unlike general language models.

  4. Comprehensive Keywords: It offers a wider range of industry-specific keywords.

Why are these “smart” keyword suggestions?

Our suggestions are intelligently provided for this specific business and provide additional details to help a business determine if this would be a good keyword for them to try and rank for, such as competitiveness and search volume for the particular keyword.


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