CRM in Partner Center Overview

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The Contact and Company page

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To access the new CRM, navigate to Partner Center and click on "Customers." Here, you can find two options: "Contact", and "Company." Contacts are the individual people you work with, while companies are the organizations that those people are associated with.

Setting up your view of the CRM

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You are now on the company page. The very first thing you want to do is to ask yourself what information matters to you. There is tons of information, and you will want to consider what data matters to you. You can set up your view by enabling, displaying, and reordering the columns. Say, the website is not important to you, while the address is. Check off the boxes according to your preferences. You may also want to see whether or not a company has claimed its Google Business Profile, which will be available if you have created a Snapshot Report. 

Searching, filtering, and sorting

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You can find the company that is assigned to you by clicking on the "Add filter" button, and then searching for "Salesperson." You can then find yourself using your name or email.

If you know the name of the company, you can find it by searching in the search bar on the table where you can also search for a company by phone number, Partner ID, Account Group ID, and more.

You can also find when you last touched base with your current customers by looking at the last activity date. You can sort, and see if there are any customers you have missed catching up with so you can keep conversations fresh!

Creating a contact

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Now you know how to find the companies and contacts but you may also want to find new contacts through your own research. 

To add a new contact to your CRM, go to the top right-hand corner and click the "Create contact" button. From here, you can start by filling in the name, email, or phone number. If possible make sure to include an email address! 

Duplicate detection -The CRM will check to make sure the email doesn't already exist. If it does, the CRM will surface that record, and prevent you from creating the contact so you can go to the existing record instead of creating an accidental duplicate. The CRM will also check for phone numbers and will surface a warning if an identical phone number is found, however, it will not block you from creating a contact with the same phone number.

Sending campaigns to contacts

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You can add contacts to the marketing campaign by going to the Contact table, bulk-selecting the contacts, clicking actions, and selecting “Send Campaign.”

You will see when the campaigns are sent, received, opened, and clicked through on the activity timeline.

The profile page

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This is where you can interact with your customers - send emails, make phone calls, create tasks, and more. You can find the general information in the left column, the engagement history in the middle, and all the associations on the right, such as Opportunities, Snapshot Reports, and more.


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