Generating projects when a review request is generated

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Task Manager can generate tasks for vendor products when a business receives a review, a mention, has a listing mistake identified, or a Google Question is asked. This is a critical feature for any vendor providing their own “managed reviews” or “managed online presence” service. 

What Changed?

Previously, these events could only generate tasks. We are introducing the ability to generate projects when an event occurs. We are starting with review events.


Please Note

We are only introducing this feature for review events in the immediate future. Many system-generated tasks have an embedded editor (e.g. the widget for responding to a Google Question) that needs to be shared across the tasks of a project. Building this support will happen over time.

What’s the value?

When a review arrives there can be several steps required to handle it. For example:

  1. Draft a response

  2. Do a quality assurance check with a manager

  3. Publish the response

  4. Notify the client

Until this release, a review could only generate a single task, which means that the above steps needed to be maintained “off books” or in the notes section. This could cause mistakes in fulfillment and manual toil if the vendor was tracking the number of tasks truly being performed. 

Can I still use the previous approach?

Yes. This allows you to select a project to generate if you want but defaults to tasks and does not impact existing products.


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