Inbox Pro Overview

Inbox Pro is a lead capture and customer management product upgrade to Business App. Available in Marketplace, Inbox Pro comes with multi-channel integrations, such as Google Business messages and SMS, and an AI-powered web chat widget. All communication is centralized in a team-shared Inbox in Business App.


What's included?

SMS Messaging

US and Canada-based businesses will be automatically assigned a local SMS number when Inbox Pro is activated. Businesses get unlimited* one-by-one SMS messaging. Includes A2P 10DLC Registration for SMS message deliverability on US Carriers.

Available for US and Canada-based businesses only, at this time. *Some carriers limit the number of sent messages to numbers on their network per day to 2000-3000.


Google Business Messages

Connect Inbox to Google Business Profile, to allow leads and customers to chat with a business from Google Maps and Google Search. 

Available everywhere Google supports business messages.


AI-assisted website chat lead capture

Businesses can install a web chat widget on their website, where an AI assistant will get a website visitor's name and phone number or email, so the business can follow up via SMS. Learn more here.

Available worldwide, for any website.


Team shared Inbox

Everyone at a small business can view and participate in customer conversations, collaborating on delivering a good customer experience.


Feature availability

  United States Canada Int'l
SMS Messaging ✓ with A2P Registration Not currently
Google Business Messages
AI-assisted Web Chat Lead Capture
Facebook Business Messenger Early 2024 Early 2024 Early 2024
Instagram Messenger Early 2024 Early 2024 Early 2024
Email Early 2024 Early 2024 Early 2024

To request features and get updates on new releases, follow Inbox at



Q: Can this chat tool integrate with other CRM systems? 

Work is now in progress for Business App to integrate with additional CRMs in outside platforms. Expect additional feature announcements in early 2024.


Q: Is there an extra charge for AI-assisted web chat?

No extra charge - the AI-assisted web chat lead capture is fully included with Inbox Pro.


Q: If we install the Inbox pro chat on our website, will it be only AI agent answering customers or will real agents talk to customers?

The web chat is 100% AI-managed lead capture. Small businesses are busy, and can't always reply instantly – that's why the AI assistant will get a website visitor's name and number, and then notify the business they have a new lead – the business can reply via SMS as soon as possible, and move the conversation off the website and onto the customer's phone.


Q: How much does the chatbot know about the business? Can it answer questions?

Our first release, the AI chatbot works well to capture a lead despite not knowing anything about the business. It thanks users for their questions, records them for a business person to follow up, and tries to get a name and phone number, so the business can reply and get new customers. It will not answer any questions and instead will direct a user to talk with the business for a proper answer to questions.

On December 13th, 2023, it will be possible to add "knowledge" to the chatbot from the business profile, so it can answer basic questions about services, location and contact info, and hours.


Q: How do I install the web chat widget?

The web chat widget can be installed on any website. To install, copy and paste the widget install code into the <head> element of your website, typically just before the closing </head> tag.

More specific and detailed instructions are available here: AI-Assisted Web Chat Widget overview


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