Premium Reports: Accounts Receivable Aging by Customer

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Easily find out the total outstanding balance by customers, the amounts that are overdue and by how much all in one place. This will enable you to keep track of customers are about to or have already exceeded the payment terms stipulated in contracts and take follow up actions.


  1. The table shows currently due and overdue amounts owed by customers. The overdue amounts are bucketed into 30-day time windows for how long they have been overdue. You can click these amounts in the table to see which invoices make up the amounts.
  2. The filters at the top allow you to hone in on a specific account (customer), or a specific market, and look at amounts that are in a certain currency.

Note that when multiple currencies are involved, you’d need to filter by Currency or Market-ID (i.e. markets with a single currency) to ensure that the totals are added correctly.

To download the data in the report click on the three-dot icon over to the top right-hand side of the dashboard, followed by 'Download' to see the download options.


A dashboard is often constructed from a set of different data sources. There are data freshness labels at the bottom of each dashboard that indicate the following two things:

  1. The refresh interval (text in bold and on top). This reflects how often the data source with the lowest refresh frequency gets updated.
  2. The last refresh timestamp (text at the bottom). This reflects the earliest time when a data source was last updated in the dashboard.

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