Premium Reports: Sales Funnel

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The Sales Funnel report shows the progress of opportunities through the different stages of the sales process. This helps sales teams identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.


  1. This chart provides a visual representation of different stages of a sales funnel along with the pipeline value of each stage.
  2. The table provides a detailed pipeline value at each stage for a given month. It also totals the pipeline value for each stage and for each month.
  3. The filters at the top allow you to filter on the current status, a specific pipeline, and the expected close month to drill down the data.

To download the data in the report click on the three-dot icon over to the top right-hand side of the dashboard, followed by 'Download' to see the download options.


  1. The refresh interval (text in bold and on top). This reflects how often the data source with the lowest refresh frequency gets updated.
  2. The last refresh timestamp (text at the bottom). This reflects the earliest time when a data source was last updated in the dashboard.

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