AI-Generated Posts in Social Marketing

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What is it?

Create and customize social media content quickly with a built-in AI text editor in Social Marketing's composer. Shortcuts for customizing tone, length, and style, and the ability to iterate on AI using a natural conversation interface will simultaneously reduce the time it takes to produce content while increasing its quality. As part of our dedication to AI transparency, this will also include improved prompt visibility, allowing users to view the “built-in” Social Marketing prompt layered on top of the user's prompt.

Why is this important?

Streamlines the process when a Partner or a user wants to quickly post to their social networks to save time, improve the ease of content creation, reduce research needed, and allow users to interact with their audiences faster.

How to use 

Step 1 - The social composer is an in-built editor.



Step 2 - If there is no text and the user clicks 'Generate Text,' it will open a prompt to add topic details as shown below.



Step 3 - Add a topic as shown in the text box itself and click Generate Text.



Step 4 - For the generated text there are lots of improvements that can be done as shown below. Select another tone, change the length, or fix spelling and grammar, and it will improve the suggested text in the text box right away.



Step 5 - For AI-generated images use the select media and generate images. We still have open editor that would lead to creating images and text together from a given post topic.


Additionally, click Generate Text → Open Editor to open the side panel and add one topic to the text box for which social posts are to be written. This text box does not require detailed prompts, simply the topic.

Adding detailed prompts may not create well-generated content. 


Under the 'generate' dropdown, there are three options - only content, only image, and both content and image. The selection will determine what content is generated. If you click “Generate,” by default, it will generate both content and image as shown below. 



Option 1 - Content 

When you are satisfied with the results, click 'Use this content.'


Option 2 - Image

Image variations can be created by clicking the green, round button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


Option 3 - Content and Image

With this selection, both content and images will be generated at the same time. 



 A prompt for the text and images will be generated by the post topic but will be hidden initially. If you would like to view the prompt, select 'show prompt.

Text Prompts -


Text prompt is not shown unless you click 'show prompt.'


Text prompt is seen.



Prompt for image is not shown unless you click 'show prompt.'


Prompt for image is shown.

If both text and image were created, and you are not happy with the results, use the 'regenerate' button for text, or the 'generate images' button for images to get new content. 

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