Task Manager for All Accounts

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Moving forward, Task Manager will be available on all Accounts by Default. As we make this change, you may temporarily see the product shown as 'deactivated' on certain accounts or receive a Daily Digest Notification.

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What's New?

1. If users create a project or a task, an account will be added automatically. If a product requires Task Manager for fulfillment, it will also be added automatically. If you have not yet taken an action on an account (such as creating a project or task) that would generate an account, feel free to manually add an account by clicking Add > Account in the top right-hand corner of Task Manager. 


3. In Vendor Center, Task Manager no longer needs to be added to a list of Required Products in order for projects to be created automatically upon ordering.

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4. Task Manager will no longer be shown in a list of products or in the marketplace. 

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