Marketing Services: Changes to Prices on Paid Subscriptions

As you know, Marketing Services is committed to providing high-quality, professional services to our Partners and their clients. 

We’ve been growing a lot in the last year and we noticed some discrepancies in our pricing strategy for partners on paid subscriptions. So, we will be adjusting a few of our prices across all of our product lines. This means that as of July 20, 2023, if you order any of the products below, you may see an increase or decrease in price. This will ensure that we can continue to focus on the quality of our services and provide you with the right price.


Changes for Marketing Services Product Prices

Product name Price on Paid Subscriptions
Additional Creative
Additional Image
Additional Page
Additional Product & Image
Advanced eCommerce
Agency Website
Digital Ads: Creative
Hourly Charge
Unlimited eCommerce with POS Integration
Website Creation: Additional Hour
Website Support
Digital Ads: Campaign


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We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions feel free to contact your Vendatsa Representative to get more information!

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