Configure the Top Navigation Bar (SSO)

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The Top Navigation Bar component is a dynamic feature in the Vendasta platform that enables Partner Center administrators to tailor the navigation in Business App to their specific needs. This component has been specifically designed to improve the Business App user experience for Partners using a custom Single Sign-On (SSO) workflow to access products.

This feature offers an improved user experience through reduced navigation steps to create a more seamless transition between different parts of the platform. It also creates a more consistent environment for users who predominantly utilize the Partner dashboard for their tasks.


To change the configuration of the Top Navigation Bar, go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize Business App > Top Navigation Bar. 

From here, you can select Default profile page, None, or Custom Link. 

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Options for Configuring 'Edit Profile'

Default Edit Profile Page

This link leads users to the default 'Edit Profile' page in the Vendasta Business App, where users can modify their own profile details. However, in certain user workflows, particularly for users following a custom SSO workflow, this link may become redundant.


The primary functionality of the configurable Top Navigation Bar is the ability to remove the default 'Edit Profile' link from the Top Navigation Bar. Selecting 'None' will completely remove this option from the interface. 

Custom Link 

This option gives Partner Center Administrators the ability to redirect the 'Edit Profile' link to a URL of their choosing. This means that instead of leading users to the default 'Edit Profile' page in Business App, Administrators can set the link to direct users to the 'Edit Profile' page within the Partners' Dashboard.


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