Inbox Messaging in Sales & Success Center

Inbox Messages is available in Sales & Success Center for all Partners, with the option to enable or disable it.


Inbox enables team collaboration on customer sales & service, and therefore allows all users in an organization (PID) to see and interact with any conversation, in any market.

No matter if a user is in Partner Center or Sales Center, they will see the same conversations in their Inbox across the platform.

Sales users can watch and be notified about only the conversations they care about, for example, only their assigned accounts, using the Following view & setting Inbox notifications to ‘only my events’. Learn more.



Q: How do I hide Inbox Messages in Sales Center?

Inbox can be disabled from appearing in Sales & Success Center for an entire organization by unchecking the setting in Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales > “Show Inbox in Sales & Success Center”


Q: I don’t see Inbox Messages in my Sales Center – How do I enable it?

Because Inbox reveals all conversations across an organization, it it was launched as disabled by default for partners with any of these conditions:

  • Partner has 3 or more markets.
  • White-label Sales & Success Center is ENABLED.
  • Salesperson market-wide account access is DISABLED.

To enable Messaging in Sales Center, check the setting in Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales > “Show Inbox in Sales & Success Center”. This will enable Inbox in Sales & Success Center every market across your organization.

Currently Messaging cannot be enabled on just some markets; it must be enabled or disabled in Sales Center for the entire account.


Q: How can messaging activity to and from customers be logged on the accounts in Sales Center?

There's an automation for that! You can find a template called "Log a sales activity in Sales Center" when creating a new automation in Partner Center. Learn more here.


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