Inbox Messages: ★ Following view

Filter your Inbox experience to focus on only the conversations you care about, with the ★ Following view.



Great for organizations with large teams and a lot of conversations – each teammate can focus on only the customers and communication they care about.

Following is unique to each user. When you follow a conversation, that conversation is added to your personal following view inside Inbox messages. You can also receive notifications for any new messages sent into that conversation, by subscribing to ‘Only My Events’ in the Inbox messages notification settings.


Why follow a conversation?

See only the conversations that matter to you. Because Inbox messages are an organization-wide shared Inbox that allows teams to collaborate on customer service, Inbox can become quite noisy for larger teams. The Following view allows you to focus on only the conversations and customers that matter to you.

Get notifications for only conversations you follow. For larger teams using Inbox messages, you may not want to receive notifications for all communication happening in all conversations across your organization. You can now get only notifications from the conversation you are following, and stop receiving notifications for the rest.


How to follow a conversation

In a conversation in Inbox (in Partner Center, Sales Center, Task Manager, and Vendor Center) you’ll see a new button to ★ Follow a conversation in the header. Click the Follow button to begin following a conversation.


Auto-follow: Ways users will automatically follow a conversation

Inbox will automatically subscribe a user to follow a conversation in these scenarios, to ensure important communication is not missed:

  • When a user sends a message in a conversation, they will automatically be set to follow that conversation. A user can unfollow it again if they choose.
  • [Coming Soon] When a user is set as an assigned salesperson on an account, they will automatically follow any past or future conversations that include that account, so they don’t miss any new messages with the account they were assigned.

How to be notified only about conversations you are following

To only get notifications for conversations you are following, make sure your notification settings are set as follows:

  1. In notification settings, enable “Only My Events” for Inbox Messages
  2. Disable “All events” for Inbox Messages

This these settings, you’ll only receive notifications for conversations you are following.


Why is the link in my message notification taking me to a certain center? (Partner Center, Vendor Center, Task Manager, or Sales Center)


A: Notifications can contain only one link, so we try to determine what the best link for each user is, based on the user’s highest permission level, in this order:

  1. Partner Center Admin, Vendor Center users → Partner Center
  2. Digital Agent → Task Manager 
  3. Salesperson → Sales Center

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