Product Announcement: Contract renewal updates and subscription upgrade options

Since Vendasta’s inception in 2008, we’ve delivered thousands of new features to help experts sell products and services at scale. Looking back on this past quarter there were a plethora of incredible advancements, including powerful new features backed by AI. The capabilities of our platform, products, and services have grown tremendously, and range from improvements to our powerful technology infrastructure and security required by our largest customers, all the way to the tools, training resources, and outsourced fulfillment utilized by thousands of startups around the world. Our commitment to continuous deployment means all of our users experience the benefits of “What’s New” every week.

Recent highlights include: 

As we continue to grow and invest in our platform and products, we are announcing an adjustment to fees for partners on legacy plans. As part of our standard contract Terms, applicable Vendasta partners on older or legacy subscriptions will see an increase of 8% upon contract renewal. This increase will impact subscription and pricing for select products and services that are owned and operated by Vendasta, including Reputation Management and Social Marketing, many of which have benefited from the updates highlighted above.

This increase in our contract terms reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality services and products to our customers. Unlike other companies, we are not simply baking in a price increase to keep up with inflation rates. Our promise is to continue to provide you with more innovation in the AI space, more value with future acquisitions like Yesware, and more incredible tools to help you deliver products and services to your clients at scale.


Partners impacted by this fee increase will meet the following criteria upon their contract renewal date:

  • For Vendasta subscriptions – all partners on legacy subscriptions will incur an 8% increase (rounded down to the nearest dollar), each time their contract is up for renewal. This will not impact partners on Vendasta’s latest subscriptions at the time of renewal, which at the moment are our 2022/23 Essentials, Professional, Premium, or Custom subscriptions. 

    • Example: a partner paying $575/month for a Growth subscription will see an increase to $621/month upon their contract renewal date. 

  • For select products owned and operated by Vendasta – all partners who are currently paying less than our current wholesale rates for all select products, including Reputation Management and Social Marketing, will see an 8% increase (rounded down to the nearest cent) at the point of contract renewal. The amount will not exceed our current rates.

    • Example: a partner currently paying $15/month USD for Reputation Management will be increased to $16.20/month USD.


Outlined below are two options that impacted Vendasta partners have as a result of this change.

Option 1: Remain on their Legacy Plan

By default, Vendasta will keep impacted partners on their legacy plan. Vendasta is not requiring partners to upgrade to a current plan. If you are impacted by this change, and you’re currently satisfied with the features included with your subscription, and their level of service, then no action will be required on your end. You will see the adjustment to your plan price upon your renewal date.


Option 2: Move to a Current Plan with Optional Discounted Annual Upfront Rates

Impacted partners can optionally move to one of Vendasta’s newest subscription tiers. In doing so, they will immediately start enjoying the benefits of new products and features included with a new plan that are previously unavailable to your team, such as Yesware. Partners can choose to upgrade to an annual term paid upfront, and will receive a 15% to 20% discount. All associated onboarding and setup fees will be waived.


At Vendasta, our partners are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide the best possible products, services, and resources to help our partners grow their businesses. While we are announcing an adjustment to fees for partners on legacy plans, we want to assure our partners that this increase reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality services and products. We are constantly investing in our platform and products, and we promise to continue providing more innovation and value to our partners in the future. We understand that fee adjustments can be disruptive, but we are dedicated to providing our valued partners with the resources and flexibility they need to make this transition as smooth as possible. At any time, affected partners can reach out to our support team by emailing or calling 1-855-955-6650. They can also reach out to their assigned Account Manager (if applicable).

Thank you for your continued partnership with Vendasta.

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