Getting Started: Using Sales & Success Center

By using Sales & Success Center as your customer relationship manager (CRM), you and your sales team can easily keep track of your touchpoints with your prospects, forecast your revenue with opportunities, and start closing deals. Follow this guide to understand the basics of getting set up in Sales & Success Center.

Getting Started Checklist

  1. Add salespeople to your team
  2. Create sales teams (optional)
  3. Become familiar with the Sales & Success Center account page
  4. Log sales activity
  5. Create opportunities
  6. Create proposals
  7. Manage sales tasks
  8. Learn more to engage with your prospects

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Add salespeople to your team

Salesperson users are able to access Sales & Success Center and leverage all of its features. The video above showcases how to add users to your team of all types, including salespeople.

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > My Team
  2. Click Invite team member
  3. One-by-one, you can add your sales team by adding names and email addresses, and selecting “Salesperson” as their role
    • If you leverage markets, you must select the market the salesperson is in
    • You can optionally send them a welcome email so they can log in right away
    • Selecting the sales manager option will allow them to view data for other salespeople.

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Create sales teams (optional)

Sales teams allow you to group your salespeople for ease of using assignments, automation, and leaderboards.

  1. Go to Partner Center > Sales > Sales Teams
  2. Click Create Team
  3. Create a team name and select a market (if applicable)
  4. Click Create
  5. Click into your newly created team
  6. Click Add Team Members
  7. Select the salesperson users you wish to add
  8. Click Add Team Members

Once you have a sales team in place, you can use them in automations like the Assign a sales team step or filter to view a team’s performance in Partner Center > Sales > Leaderboard.

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Become familiar with the Sales & Success Center account page

There is a lot of functionality to be found when you access an account in Sales & Success Center. To access it, go to Partner Center > Sales > Open Sales Center OR log in to your branded Sales & Success Center URL. On the left menu, go to Accounts and then click on any account to explore or take actions.

The video above provides a walkthrough of the account page to help you become familiar with it. Check out these articles for more information on actions you may want to explore:

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Log sales activity

Logging sales activity and notes is an important step to ensure you are keeping track of touchpoints with your prospects and clients.

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts.
  2. Search for the customer account. Under the account, click Log a call, email, or meeting. You will also see this option on the account details page underneath "Recent Activity".
  3. Select the type of activity, and indicate if you successfully connected with the customer.
  4. Add detailed notes about the activity.
    • You can dictate your notes by clicking on the microphone icon on the right of the add notes field.
  5. Associate the activity with a sales opportunity, if applicable.
  6. Indicate if follow-up is required.
    • If follow-up is required, create a task(s) to follow up on.
  7. Click Add.

You can log sales activity from your email by adding as a BCC to your sent email and forwarding client emails to For more information on logging sales activity via email, click here.

Hint: Yesware makes it easy to add a BCC and log your email activity automatically.

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Create opportunities

Opportunities help you track the expected revenue and help you to forecast your sales.

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name.
  2. By Opportunities, click the New icon +.
    • Opportunities can also be created in the Actions menu.
  3. You can choose the packages the opportunity pertains to using Select packages.
  4. Enter the quantity of that package that will be purchased should the salesperson close the opportunity successfully.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Enter the opportunity's Pipeline, Stage, and Expected close date.
  7. Optional – Enter additional details by expanding Details.
  8. You can enter the Opportunity Name, the salesperson to assign the opportunity to, a description of the opportunity under Overview, and add tags.
  9. Click Create.

Now that an opportunity exists, it can be viewed from Sales & Success Center > Accounts > Account Name > Opportunities or from Sales & Success Center > Pipeline.

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Create proposals

Provide your prospect with a proposal to help you showcase your solutions and close the deal. Create new proposals using Vendasta’s Proposal Builder, fully integrating your existing packages and products alongside marketing material provided by vendors in the marketplace. You can even leverage pre-built proposal templates that are tied into some of our recommended packages.

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Proposals > Manage Proposals
  2. Click on a template or click the blank proposal
  3. Name your proposal
  4. Choose an account that the proposal is prepared for
    • If there is a user on the account, you can also optionally select a user as the recipient
  5. Click Create

From here you can create your own content or edit the existing content in the template. Check out our Proposal Builder Overview for a detailed breakdown of Proposal Builder’s features.

When you’re ready to send out your proposal to your prospect…

  1. Click Send for…
  2. Choose Customer approval
  3. Under Send To add one or more recipients
    • You can choose from users on the account or you can type in email addresses
  4. Personalize your email content by updating the subject line and email text.
  5. Click Send in the top right corner

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Manage sales tasks

Tasks will help you and your sales team keep track of their work and followups. Tasks can be created during the “log sales activity” step above and will be visible on the Tasks card on the associated account page in Sales & Success Center. Tasks can be created and managed from a unified overview as well:

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Tasks
  2. Create new tasks by clicking Create task in the top right corner
    • Set the task name
    • Choose an account (optional)
    • Set the due date
    • Choose an assignee
    • Click Save
  3. Adjust filters to narrow or broaden the tasks you are viewing
    • Click + Add filter
    • Choose filters based on salespeople, sales team, due date, or status of the task
    • Click the X on any filter card to remove filters
  4. Manage tasks
    • Click status on a task to update tasks to Open, In progress, Waiting on customer, or Completed
    • Click the Assignee to change the salesperson assigned to a task
    • Click the trash can icon to delete the task

Hint: If you or your sales team prefers to view their tasks in a calendar view, rather than a list, they can go to Sales & Success Center > Calendar. From there, they can see the number of tasks due on each day of the month, create tasks, and manage tasks as well.

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Learn more to engage with your prospects

As you leverage Sales & Success Center as your customer relationship management platform to log and track your sales activity, opportunities, and proposals, you can leverage powerful marketing tools like the Snapshot Report and email marketing automation to engage with your prospects and existing customers.

Check out the next getting started guide.

Create Snapshot Reports.

Send email campaigns.

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