Using an automation in All markets

Partners who leverage markets can create automations as a part of All markets instead of needing to add them to a specific market. When doing so, the automation will run in All markets, but building the automation will have some limitations compared to one that is built in a specific market. Because some triggers and steps rely on information that is market-specific, these triggers and steps will have altered functionality or will be disabled in an automation configured for All markets.

Please note that markets are only available on certain subscription tiers. 

Steps that assign a specific salesperson or sales team are disabled for All market automations.
If you attempt to copy an automation from a specific market to All markets, you will need to delete any steps that assign a salesperson or assign a sales team from the new All market automation to prevent errors. 


Steps or triggers that look at or affect a salesperson or digital agent will only be able to choose the currently assigned salesperson or digital agent as part of the automation. Steps that would allow you to choose a package can only choose products instead. The image below illustrates what you will see when adjusting a step with limited functionality.


These changes in functionality help to prevent errors from occurring. For example, Jesse Salesperson is in Market A. If an automation set up for All markets was allowed to assign Jesse Salesperson, then the automation would error in Market B. Disabling and limiting functions will ensure that your automations will run smoothly and without errors.

Note that you can still use these powerful steps and triggers in your automations that are configured for individual markets.

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