Website Pro Now Supports PHP 8.1

What is happening and why?

On November 28, 2022, the version of PHP that Website Pro runs, version 7.4, reached end of life. This means that this version of PHP will no longer receive security updates and remaining on this version of PHP represents a security risk in the long term. Upgrading to the latest version of PHP will help keep your website secure.

What is it?

Websites hosted on Website Pro now have the ability to upgrade to use PHP version 8.1 through the use of controls on the Website Pro dashboard. After a very brief period of downtime, your website will be migrated to infrastructure running on the selected version of PHP.

What do I need to do?

Upgrading your version of PHP can create compatibility issues with older versions of themes and plugins being used on your site. Additionally, WordPress must be upgraded to version 6.0 or later in order to upgrade to PHP 8.1. Before beginning, it is highly recommended to create a backup of your site and upgrade your version of WordPress, themes, and any plugins being used on the site. Upgrading to PHP 8.1 is a reversible decision, however, so if any compatibility issues are discovered after upgrading, you can quickly roll back and address those issues before attempting the upgrade again.

Upgrade Instructions

1. Go to your Website Pro dashboard

2. Click on Change

3. Select version 8.1.1

4. Click on Accept


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