Jan. 10, 2018: Brand-new videos throughout the Snapshot Report

Sell even more across the local marketing stack with a fresh set of marketing videos.

You and your salespeople can now choose between the new North American and Australian voice-overs, or stick with the legacy videos.

To change the default set of videos, go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template. The Legacy - North American Voice-over option will be selected by default for existing partners.


You may also customize the videos by Market. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize > Sales > Markets, select a Market, and then go to Sales > Edit Default Snapshot Template.

Your salespeople may also change the set of videos on a report-by-report basis. Simply go to the Snapshot Report and then open the Configuration menu.


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  • Avatar
    Kira Orr

    Before I review each snapshot video, is the voice over the only thing that's changed? Or have there been content changes?

  • Avatar
    Vendasta Marketing

    Hi Kira,

    The content of the videos has changed as well!

    Blair Nordstrom
    Product Marketing Specialist

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