Dec. 27, 2017: Set the precision for business listing analysis

You can now indicate how precise the system is when analyzing the company name, address, and website within a business listing. This setting applies to the listing analyses in Reputation Management, Concierge, and Brand Analytics, and is customizable by Market.

How does listing precision work?

For each piece of business information, you can choose whether the listing precision is strict or relaxed.

The strict option will only yield a positive result when there’s a character-for-character match between the account and the business listing.

In contrast, the relaxed option will:

  • Ignore suffixes (such as “Inc.” and “LLC”) and punctuation in company names.
  • Ignore subtle differences (such as “St.” and “Street”) in addresses.
  • Require that only the root domain (e.g. matches for websites (i.e. it will ignore www., http vs. https, etc).

Please take caution: changing this setting may impact your clients’ Listing Scores.

How do I customize listing precision?

To customize listing precision:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize.
  2. Open the General Product Settings category.
  3. Find the Reputation Management section.
  4. Indicate your preferred choice for each Listing Precision setting. For SEO purposes, we recommend using the strict option.
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