Dec. 21, 2017: Bing Local renamed to Bing Maps

Over time, Bing Local has transitioned to a legacy listing source, and Bing Maps has taken its place. Because of this transition, our system was holding legacy information from Bing Local, which prevented us from being able to easily find or add new listings from Bing Maps.

We’ve updated our platform to support this transition and provide you with the most up-to-date listing solution.

Because of this update, you’ll notice 2 changes in our platform:
1) The Bing Local listing source has been renamed to Bing Maps
2) Manual listing submission to Bing Maps has been temporarily disabled

We’ll continue to keep you updated on these changes.

Updated Dec 21, 2017: The transition from Bing Local to Bing Maps has been completed, and you will now be able to manually submit your listing to this source.


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