Nov. 24, 2017: Manage all of your recurring custom tasks with Concierge


Tired of creating recurring tasks week in and week out? Well, this feature is for you! We've added the ability for your agents to schedule custom weekly and monthly tasks with a handy new Repeat option.

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    Kevin McDonald

    This is a great time saving feature. But without the ability to delete or edit custom tasks that have been created adding a recurring task is like activating a time bomb. As Vendasta's platform changes, as the environment changes, these tasks will sometimes need modification, sometimes they will become irrelevant.

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    Allan Wolinski

    Thank you for the valuable feedback. You are very right, recurring tasks will need to be managed. We released this functionality as a beta release to gain some quality feedback and currently we are in the process (as we speak) of adding an edit/delete functionality. Recurring Tasks and a Recurring Tasks Management Section will be released together as a final feature.

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    Kevin McDonald

    Thanks for easing my mind, the support folks manning your online chat were in the dark on this.

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