Step 5: Give salespeople access to Sales & Success Center

Sales & Success Center equips your team with all the tools they need to usher businesses through the sales funnel. It gives your salespeople the power to:

  • Create prospects and Snapshot Reports
  • Send email marketing campaigns
  • Identify hot leads and track communications
  • Move prospects through the sales pipeline
  • Learn more about what you’re selling

It’s time for your salespeople to log in and complete their profile.

Create Salesperson credentials

To give your salespeople access to Sales & Success Center:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Sales > Salespeople.
  2. Click Create Salesperson.
  3. Enter the salesperson's details. It’s important to complete the entire profile—your prospects and clients will see much of this information throughout the platform.
  4. Select Send Welcome Email to automatically provide the new salesperson with a link to Sales & Success Center where they can set their password (note: you’ll still need to enter a temporary password). Or, deselect this option to manually share their credentials outside the platform.
  5. Upload the salesperson’s photo. Prospects and clients will also see this photo in the Snapshot Report and Business Center.
  6. Select a title for the cover of the Snapshot Report printout.

Add My Salespeople

Have your salespeople review and complete their profile

When your salespeople log in for the first time, it’s essential that they review and complete their profile. Remember: your prospects and clients will see much of this information throughout the platform. They can update their profile from the Settings icon in the top right corner of Sales & Success Center.


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