Step 4: Embed lead generation tools on your website

Both the Snapshot Widget and your Store have the power to generate leads from your website.

Embed the Snapshot Widget on your website

The Snapshot Widget is a form you embed on your website to generate hot leads. The form entices website visitors to see how their business is performing online. Once a visitor provides their details, the widget creates a digital needs assessment (the Snapshot Report), starts an email campaign, and sends the assigned salespeople a hot lead notification.

Create a Snapshot Widget

To build a Snapshot Widget, go to Partner Center > Marketing > Snapshot Widgets and follow the wizard.

Paste the embed code

Embed the widget(s) on relevant pages throughout your website, including solutions related to listings, reputation, social, websites, and advertising.

Expert advice: Create dedicated landing pages for the Snapshot Widget, and then link to it from advertising campaigns, social posts, blog posts, and email signatures.

Note: Accounts created with the widget are subject to the standard Snapshot Report fees.

Create a Snapshot Widget

Embed your Store on your website

Your Store allows you to display your products on your website. More importantly, it allows you to collect your visitors’ contact information when they’re interested in a given product. Once a visitor provides their details, the Store sends the assigned salesperson a hot lead notification.

Copy your embed code

To configure your public store, go to Partner Center > Marketplace > Manage Store > Public Store Settings. It’s important to assign a salesperson to your public Store—otherwise, your prospects’ contact details will not be collected.

Paste the embed code

Embed the Store on a top-level web page on your website.

Configure My Public Store


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