Nov. 8, 2017: Say hello to the new Social Marketing

It's the product you know and love—only better! Social Marketing has a fresh new look, is mobile-friendly, and can post directly to Google Search and Maps! These new design improvements serve up a social product that is simple, easy to use, and works on any device—giving you and your clients one place to stay social.

Social Marketing product with the same great functionality as always—and then some! Some highlights include:

  • New user interface - simple & intuitive navigation
  • Mobile friendly - use on-the-go and on any device 
  • New social platform integrations - Google My Business: Google Posts
  • Like your customer posts made on Facebook and Twitter
  • Tweet more with Twitter's new 280 character limit

Navigating the new Social Marketing

Watch the video or see instructions below.

Connecting your social accounts:

  1. Go to Settings>Connect Accounts
  2. Find the social profile card you would like to connect (Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn)
  3. Click Add.

Setting up Twitter lead searches:

  1. Go to Settings>Lead Searches
  2. To add a new Twitter Lead Search, click Add
  3. Enter the desired parameters then click Save

Find Interesting Content

  1.  Go to Settings>Interesting Content
  2. To add content from the Social Marketing RSS Library, click the Search
  3. To add your own RSS feeds, click Add
  4. To set find relevant Twitter content, go to Content - Twitter Search card, click Add

Making a post

  1. Click the red pencil icon on the bottom right corner of your screen
  2. Select the accounts you would like to post to
  3. If you want to attach an image, click the camera icon
  4. If you would like to shorten the URL link in your content, click the link icon
  5. If you would like to insert Interesting Content, click the clipboard icon
  6. If you would like to insert a coupon, click the tag icon
  7. If you would like to publish your post now, click Post Now
  8. If you would like to schedule your post for later, click Schedule Post
    • Select your date and time, then click Schedule Post

Making a Google Post

  1. Connect your Google My Business account if it is not already connected
  2. Click the red pencil icon on the bottom right corner of your screen
  3. Make sure you have your clients Google My Business accounted selected
  4. Compose your post normally, then open the drop down Only for Google My Business
  5. Here you can create an event and add a call to action. 
  6. Fill in your parameters, and select Post Now or Schedule Post for later. 

Enable Social Marketing

Note: Brands with 10 or more locations are currently not eligible to use the posts feature through Social Marketing. However, individual franchise/store owners can continue to use the Google My Business interface to post to individual locations.

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