Throughout the sales process, your salespeople should log their communications and track their sales opportunities in Sales & Success Center. This will help them understand where to focus their time and effort as their prospect list continues to grow.

Log a call, email, or meeting

To log a communication:

  1. Log in to Sales & Success Center.
  2. Search for the account.
  3. Click Log a Call, Email, or Meeting.
  4. Select the type of activity and indicate if they successfully connected with the prospect.
  5. Add detailed notes about the call.
  6. Indicate if a follow-up is required.
  7. Click Add.

These communications are saved for future reference. Your salespeople can find their previous communications under the Sales Activity section in the Account Details screen.

Log a Call, Email or Meeting

Move the prospect through the pipeline

The Sales Pipeline allows your salespeople to focus on the best opportunities—the ones with the greatest value, the highest probability, and the soonest close date.

Create a sales opportunity

To create a sales opportunity:

  1. Log in to Sales & Success Center.
  2. Select an account.
  3. Beside Opportunities, click the ‘+’ button.
  4. Complete the creation form.
  5. Select the packages from your Store that the prospect is interested in.
  6. Enter the estimated probability that they’ll close the deal.
  7. Select the date they expect to close the deal.
  8. Click Create.

Once created, the opportunity will appear in the Pipeline tab. It will also appear in the Account Details screen under the Opportunities section and the Sales Activity section (highlighted with a green border).

Update the sales opportunity

To update a sales opportunity:

  1. Go to Sales & Success Center > Pipeline.
  2. Select an opportunity.
  3. You can then make the following changes:
    1. Reassign the opportunity to another salesperson.
    2. Adjust the probability of a close.
    3. Adjust the expected close date.
    4. Log sales activity: enter notes about the activity, select the type of activity, specify if a follow-up is needed, and indicate if the salesperson was able to connect.
    5. Enter notes about the opportunity.
    6. Add, edit, or remove packages. The revenue associated with these packages will automatically calculate the potential revenue of the opportunity.


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