Step 1: Customize your branding and settings

Start your Vendasta journey by making the platform your own. You have the flexibility to customize your logo, color, theme, Snapshot Report template, prospect experience, and more.

Add your branding

To customize your branding:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize.
  2. Pick a color that suits your brand. This color will appear throughout the platform and all emails.
  3. Upload your company logo. This logo will also appear throughout the platform and all emails.
  4. Upload a favicon. This tiny graphic will appear in the browser tab for Sales & Success Center and Business Center.
  5. Customize your product names. These names will appear within your products and email marketing campaigns.

Add My Branding

Add your Admins

Admins access the platform via It’s a best practice that you add all key decision makers and managers at your agency as Admins.

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Admin Management.
  2. Select Add New Admin in the top right.
  3. Fill out the details. Note that you can restrict access to certain aspects of Partner Center for Admins, including their ability to access billing reports, customize the platform & marketplace, and manage salespeople.
    • Reminder: your fulfillment team can provide digital marketing services at scale with Concierge, which is accessible only via Partner Center. You will need to add them as Admins; you may restrict access to everything but Concierge.

Once you’ve created Admin credentials, share them with your admins.

Add My Admins

Customize your prospects’ experience

By default, your prospects have the ability to request access to Business Center (with Listing Builder) from the Snapshot Report. That way, they can explore the platform to discover all of its benefits first-hand. To customize your prospects’ experience—from account creation to Business Center access—follow these steps:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize and then open the Sales section.
  2. Click Edit Default Marketing and User Experience.
  3. Follow the wizard.

Customize the Experience

Configure your email settings

To customize your email settings:

  1. Go to Partner Center > Administration > Customize and then open the Email Settings section.
  2. Enter the sender information you would like to use for emails sent from the platform. This includes Daily Digests, product notifications, and the Executive Report in Reputation Management. These details will not apply to emails sent from a salesperson.

Configure Email Settings


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