Nov. 8, 2017: Google Posts: post directly to Google from Social Marketing


We are pleased to present beta partners using Social Marketing with the latest social posting integration—Google Posts!  We've been busy working on a fresh new look for the product your sales people know and love— Social Marketing.

What is Google Posts?

Google Posts allows Google My Business (GMB) users to publish content directly to Google’s search results. This means, your local business clients will be able to promote their specials, events, and product offers precisely when customers are searching for their services. Google Posts is a powerful new GMB feature that will help your clients drive more traffic to their local businesses.

 Make a Google Post in Social Marketing

  1. Connect your Google My Business account if it is not already connected
  2. Click the red pencil icon on the bottom right corner of your screen
  3. Make sure you have your clients Google My Business accounted selected
  4. Compose your post normally, then open the drop down Only for Google My Business
  5. Here you can create an event and add a call to action. 
  6. Fill in your parameters, and select Post Now or Schedule Post for later. 



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Brands with 10 or more locations are currently not eligible to use the posts feature through Social Marketing. However, individual franchise/store owners can continue to use the Google My Business interface to post to individual locations.




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  • Avatar
    Tony Roland

    As a beta partner, what do I need to do in order to use this new functionality?

  • Avatar
    Megan Wingate

    Hi Tony,

    The first thing you will need to do is make sure the desired Google My Business (GMB) account is connected through Social Marketing. You can then use this new functionality by simply composing a new post!

    Hope that answers your question. If you have any others, I am happy to help. Please email me directly


    Megan Wingate
    Product Marketing Specialist

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