Nov. 1, 2017: SFTP access in Website Pro

In Website Pro, you will have the ability to manage your website file system directly with SFTP Access.

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol (also known as SSH File Transfer Protocol). It gives someone the ability to transfer files to/from the server directly. Many web hosting providers give their clients FTP access, which allows you to accomplish the same tasks.  However, we provide Website Pro clients with SFTP access to ensure a more secure and protected means of transferring files. 

Why developers use SFTP:

  • For local web development, SFTP provides a quick way to transfer outside sites, templates, or plugins directly into our system. 
  • Provides the ability to modify files directly in the event of a website break or issue. 

How to use SFTP in Website Pro

  1. You will need an SFTP client. We recommend using FileZilla. It is free and available for Mac or PC. 
  2. In Website Pro dashboard, open SFTP Access
  3. Here you will see the settings listed below. You will need these to configure the SFTP client:
    • User
    • Port
    • Server
    • Key file
  4. Open FileZilla File Site Manager New Site
  5. Enter Host as:
  6. Enter Port as: 22
  7. Set Protocol field to: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol 
  8. Set Logon Type to: Key file
  9. Enter your User 
  10. Choose your Key file
  11. Click Connect

Website Pro:




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